Workshop on Stress, Grief & Coping Strategies

Workshop on Stress, Grief & Coping Strategies

The loss of a loved one brings grief to the family, friends, colleagues and loved ones. Losing a loved one may affect how we think and behave.

The school’s management intervened following the demise of the Late Headteacher, Rev. Brother Anthony Dadzie CSC by organizing a workshop to help students cope during this period.

Dr. Abigail Duah during the first session explained the causes of stress, the signs & symptoms and how to adapt when we find ourselves in stress related conditions.

She counselled students on grieving which is explained as a natural affection in life and feeling a person has when he/she loses a loved one.

During this session, students got to know the types of grieving and the stages of grieve.

Dr. Abigail counselled students on accepting emotions, seeking support and rest as a measure of coping during the loss of a loved one.

The workshop helped students to overcome the shock that they experienced after losing their former mentor, father and teacher.

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