It’s the week after our SRC celebration and here is a summary of everything that happened during the SRC week.

Course Exchange

On Monday morning, each class had an hour introduction to their new courses. Students dressed in their favorite sports team jerseys to class which proved to be fun. In the evening, students went to the cinema to watch “Evil Dead Rise”. The movie ended on a happy note followed by jams.

Float & Pre-Vals Night on Tuesday

After an hour long warm up in the morning, we changed into our SRC branded T-Shirts and tracksuits for the float. We were accompanied by spinners who blasted music as we walked & danced from the school to neighboring communities.

Pre-Vals night was exciting with performances from the Band, Massive Steps (dance group) and fun activities such as Date for five minutes & How well do you know your Bestie.

Ash Wednesday, Educational Talk & Inter departmental Quiz

After being ushered into the Lent Season with Ash Wednesday, we had a health personnel from St. Gregory Catholic Hospital educating us on Nutrition. This was followed by Health Talk with educators from Advocate for Youth Society. On Wednesday evening, students battled for the “Adwene” trophy.

Science department emerged as winners with General Arts, Visual Arts & Home Economics departments taking other positions.

Inter Houses Sports & Old School Night

House two boys clinched the treble as they won in basketball, football & volleyball games.

Defending champions House four failed to retain their usual position as they lost through penalty shootout.

Food Galore & Old School Night

All Houses battled for the bragging rights as best chefs.

The contestants prepared banku, fufu, okro soup, rice and some other foods. At the end of the contest, House One prepared the most delicious meal and were adjudged winners of the cooking contest.

This was followed by the Old School night.

Students turned up in their outfits to experience the old school vibe.

Clean up exercise & Dinner Night

Students cleaned dormitories, classroom, dinning hall and the compound on Saturday. Later in the evening we had the most hyped event, Dinner Night.

The night was full of surprises as boys & girls turned up in their beautiful dresses for the occasion. The food was perfect, quality lightning, drinks, photo booth & music for us to dance.

Culture Sunday

The last event of the week was Culture Sunday.

Students dressed in African Print designs for the event

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